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In this episode, I interview our newest financial advisor Linda Stratton. She’s a certified financial planner, an enrolled agent, and has her MBA. We are so excited to have her joining the AIO team.


Linda Stratton was born in Pittsburgh, MS. She is the oldest of 5 children. When she was young, she moved with her family from Pittsburgh to New England and later on to New Jersey- where she mostly grew up and graduated from High School. She enjoyed attending baseball games with her dad and class field trips in New York. But she always missed New England, and wanted to attend college there.

Linda decided to go to college Providence, RI, and Brown- She never really went back to New Jersey.

After she graduated from Brown, she decided to travel around Europe and visited Israel with one of her college friends. Later on, she came back home in ’81- and decided to come to Arizona during that time because she read it was a “booming state.” At the time, she decided the desert was way too hot for her and relocated to Flagstaff- where her and her husband got engaged and decided to stay for some time.

Linda met her husband in Flagstaff- when she signed up to play on a women’s city league basketball and Wesley was the coach. During her time there, she also worked for NAU, where she taught Economic Research and Finance.

When she left NAU she joined non-profits and worked in community development organizations for some time.

When her husband was transferred to Tucson, she was in. It was a great change of scene for her and good chance to do something different. During her move, she joined a tax training class while she figured out what to do with her time. There, she decided to become a Fee Only Financial Planner and an Enrolled Agent. She got her CFP and worked as a Paraplanner with a fee only planner. Ultimately, she decided she’s always wanted her own business and started on her own path.


Linda enjoys working with people. She feels grateful to be enabled to work so personally with nice, considerate clients. Her clients are a little older, more serious clients and her priority is to provide them with safety when it comes to planning their futures. She has a strong propensity to help people and up her relationship with clients. She strives to help clients live the life the want to live and prepare them to do so. Throughout the years, as she has seen the changes around the outside world, she feels like she has been a good, consistent force to help her clients get through all kinds of external and internal transitions.

Outside of the finance world, Linda enjoys to spend her time golfing in Tucson. She also does a lot of biking and has been a part of the Tour of Tucson a few times. She likes hiking when the weather gets a little cooler. Overall, she loves the variety of the Sonoran Desert.

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