In this episode, I have an interview Brian Stover – he’s a triathlete coach – we talk about his business and the business of being a triathlete.


What do you do? How long have you been doing triathlons yourself?

I started when I was around fifteen-sixteen in endurance sports.


Who are your clients? Who is your typical client?

I have athletes all over the world. It varies from individual to individual – some people need help with season planning, some people need help with day-to-day workouts, or if something goes wrong. I help them stay on track.


Could you explain a little bit more how you do season planning?

I sit down some time with them and plan out which races are most important, which races are coming up – and that gives me around 10-18 months to operate what I need my client to do so that when race day comes, we have the best result possible.


Are you just working with triathletes or deal with other endurance sports?

I do other endurance sports as well – I got my start in coaching as year-round swim coach.


What is the expected time line for triathlons to get back to operating?

I’ve talked to a few of my friends who are racers in the East Coast, and they are looking at around September to be able to start.


Do you mostly have virtual clients or do you travel (or they travel) and meet?

I have a range of about 20 athletes – I’ve been fortunate that I’ve met just about everybody that’s been with me for two seasons or more. Whenever I’m going to Australia, or like in New Zealand, to see my sister, I have no problem in stopping by to hang out with a client.


What are your general services for clients?

Season planning, race planning, power target planning, day-to-day workouts, and everything in-between.


How many of your clients are making money as triathletes? How many full time?

I’ve got a few pro-athletes now, none of them would be considered a top-tier pro – so they make some money here and there, but it’s not their primary source of income.


How do your pro-athletes make money? Event earnings, sponsorships…

They win prize money, they have bonus structures, sponsors.


How competitive is earning a living as a triathlete?

A lot of brands are global – so it depends on where the company is based to sponsor athletes.


How do you make yourself more attractive for sponsors? Just placing well consistently, social media presence?

Some sponsors will definitely knock at your door, depending on how well you are doing. Constant posting on social media accounts – YouTube, Instagram photos. Posting the content the company provides for you to sponsor.


How long is a typical career?

It definitely slows down. I think about 10-12 years is a pretty good elite career, some athletes go a little bit longer or a little bit shorter. Especially with this pandemic, a lot of athletes are announcing they are done.


Do you notice a popularity difference with triathlons in the US vs other parts of the world? (Europe)

In Europe, from what my athletes tell me, a lot of people are into short-racing, they watch it more, know the people more – in the US is longer-based, and more competitive.


What do you do with the wind tunnel?

That’s a separate business – my partner from Nashville pitched the idea of aero testing, using technology from Aquamantys. We put athletes in the wind tunnels and what you’re trying to do is optimize riders to be more aerodynamic so that they can go faster for the same amount of energy they’re putting out.


Anything else you want to add?

Everything you do right now will have triple effects on your career – the more training you can do now and the smarter you are about your training, the faster you’ll be next season. A lot of people are retiring – so there’s a lot more opportunities. Add structure to your life – part time job, and such.


Best way to get in touch with you?

You can find me at, you can also go to and there is a contact form there you can fill out – and @accelerate3 on Instagram and Twitter.

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