In this episode, I discuss a new Sustainable Responsible Impact Investment tool called AffirmativESG.


It provides you with a customized portfolio of individual stocks that meet your Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) criteria.

Curated portfolios of individual equities and fixed income securities that specifically reflect your individual client’s values, ethical preferences, and financial objectives.



Powered by First Affirmative’s research, analytics, and due diligence expertise, AffirmativESG delivers three distinct outcome-oriented strategies to meet each client’s needs.


Each solution is crafted with their clear, consistent, and repeatable investment process. You can choose the best solutions for your clients such as:

  • Custom Sustainable Investment Solution (CSIS)
  • Multi-Manager Account
  • Managed Mutual Funds


How do you want to change the world?

Your clients’ portfolios can be fully customized to meet their individual environmental, ethical, and social objectives. Include or exclude securities from the following major categories:

  • Animal rights
  • Fossil fuels
  • Renewable energy
  • Other environmental issues
  • Corporate behavior
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Military and weapons
  • Prison and detention


Powered by their parent company, Folio Financial, AffirmativESG offers:


  • Customization across a range of client inputs, including risk tolerance and time horizon, in addition to ESG concerns, so that you can scale and grow your business.
  • Goals-based financial planning, whether the client is saving for retirement, a major purchase, or a child’s education, or simply building wealth.
  • Automated portfolio construction, IPS generation, reporting, and more.
  • Tax optimization, including tax-lot-relief strategies designed to support a wide range of needs, as well as targeted tax gains or losses.
  • Enhanced trading capabilities, including fractional shares and dollar-based investing.


“Tomorrow’s technology, delivered today…”

AffirmativESG Website

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